My love of Candy Boy is something COMPLETELY unexpected for me. I found their relationship wonderful and wholehearted. In any relationships in manga/anime I need to feel a certain something about the interaction between the two characters in order to accept it. But this duo won me over completely during their short anime series, I would love it if there was a Candy Boy 2.

EDIT: Brain fart, these were made by Good Smile Company. Not Max Factory.

Although honestly…I don’t need to know anything about the characters or the anime to love these figures. The poses are wonderful. The character designs are lovely, and they manage to look unique in school uniform. In fact I had them pre-ordered before I even knew who they were! They were some of my most looked forward to figures this year. My excitement for them was on the same level as my excitement for Distant Avalon Saber.

Ok…so this review could be considered a bit incomplete. Why? Well the moment I saw the duo in their poses with interlocking fingers there was NO QUESTION about how I would display them. I opened them as soon as I got them, and stored the boxes in bins in the basement. If I had planned things right then I would have taken images of the boxes unopened followed by individual photos of each girl with her alternate arms. I promise to be more thorough in the future 😉

I put this pair in the center of my shelf at eye level (my favorite spot for figures). I probably won’t buy any more figures from this series though. Why? Because I feel that these figures perfectly suit my desires, I won’t buy another figure of Yukino or Kanade if it’s inferior to these ones. It’s rare that the best figure from a series I love, is the first figure that is available for me to order. But often when I see a figure of an unknown character that I find irresistible, I order the figure and THEN watch the anime.

The only thing I might have liked more is if they had included the pair of earrings that Yukino and Kanade bought. Although I could also see how it might look a little weird for them each to have a dangly earring on one ear.

I’m particularly fond of Kanade’s design. I like how she wears her hair up with one lovely curl coming down. But I especially like how she wears some shorts under her skirt. Because when I watch high school anime…I often think about if I were a young girl with a skirt uniform how I would probably wear shorts under my skirt. Not (just) because of pervs, but because it would allow me more freedom of movement without worrying about panty shots.

As a fan of Candy Boy and figures, these figures have my highest recommendation.

Remember how I was talking about how I had a REAL light tent on the way? Well it’s still on the way. I recently realized that the seller sent the item to Tacoma, WA (very far from me). And whatever address they sent it to, signed it, and kept it. So they just sent another one to me, can’t wait. It’ll be nice to have a light tent that is actually collapsible. Hopefully this will help me do better white backgrounds too. I enjoyed this yellow poster for photos, but it easily scratched from the figure bases. I’m going to go back to cloth backgrounds and see how that works out.