SEBASTIAN! Both in nendoroid and delicious figure form! Also CLOUD! Oh what a manly haul this is! Henrietta is a delightful find, she cost $55 with shipping, I pretty much paid the original retail price for her (definitely no more than a few dollars over). I enjoy Gunslinger Girl, but I’m not a frantic fan of the series. But something about this Henrietta figure has a beautiful sadness to it that made me put it on my wishlist. I get the same feeling off this one that I get from my Kotobukiya Chise.

AKARI! Ok first off I knew this figure (well actually it could be considered a doll) has flaws, I read a lot of reviews on this line of Aria figures before I purchased. I knew ahead of time that the hats are worthless looking in real life, when I put it on it looked more like a hat a baker would wear rather than an Undine. I saw Aika ($20) and Alicia ($23) for sale on HLJ and decided they would be mine! Toyslogic had Alice ($40) , and I bought Akari ($58) off Amazon. Akari is the first to arrive. Almost all of the prices I paid are lower than the original retail price (at about $60), but rightfully so. They’re cheaper because they’re not as good as they could be. I probably would have passed on these if I wasn’t so fond of this series, that love of the characters makes me love looking at this figure. But I’m very happy with Akari, I smile when I see her silly face on my shelf.

The Nagi (Kotobukiya) figure was purchased completely on accident…sigh. On Tsuki-Board I got the e-mail saying a wishlist figure of mine popped up. It was Nagi by GSC at 25 Euro! I immediately pm’d the seller saying “I’d like to buy Nagi”. What I didn’t realize was that the seller actually had two figures of a character named Nagi for sale, hence I got this completely different figure. On the one hand I could have been more specific and listed Nagi’s full name when I asked to buy her. And on the other hand the seller could have asked which Nagi I wanted to purchase rather than assume this was the one I wanted. Errors were made on both sides and now I’m not sure what to do with this figure. I orginally passed on this Nagi just because it just screamed “moe fetish” to me. But as I glance over eBay I see quite a few of this figure listed at $40 that are just sitting there…it seems unlikely that I’ll make my money back right now if I try to re-sell. Also I did enjoy watching Kannagi, and she looks better than I thought she would, so I’ll probably display her for now. But if I do another pruning of my figure collection I imagine this Nagi will be selected to go, but I won’t sell again until (hopefully) the 2nd hand figure market is looking a little more healthy for sellers.

Even though the 2nd hand figure market isn’t looking well for sellers right now the buyer in me is THRILLED! I’ve gotten quite a few good deals on older figures lately. I’m hoping that good luck will continue as I try to accomplish my next goal. Over the next year I plan on collecting all of the Soliworks/Toysworks Aria 1/6 figures, as well as the GSC Alicia. Currently I have Akari, Alicia, and Alice purchased (they haven’t arrived yet).

Here are my most recent manga arrivals, I ordered the complete set of Bring It On and Nausicaa, but these volumes were the first to arrive. As you can see I also decided to start Otomen and I’m continuing to read the One Piece manga. The art books arrived with RG Veda but I haven’t gotten around to making a post about them.

PS – I recently re-organized a lot of my manga off my bookcase and onto the top shelf in the closet. With just a little bit of effort I already have so much more space!