All these blogs are the ones I frequent weekly/dailey, they all have content related to anime/manga/figures/video games.

Please Note: Not all blogs listed below are updated frequently

2 Old 4 Anime
Makes frequent posts on releases of anime, idols, figures, reviews of other blogs, and reviews of anime!

A Dreamer on Drugs
Has posts up to date with new manga chapter releases in Japan. I visit this web site first when a new chapter of Skip Beat! has been released in Japan. Doesn’t do scans but has the quickest summaries.

Animatic Figmation
The blog of a couple that are also dedicated otaku! There is a lot of love for figmas, nendoroids, and especially Busou Shinki here!

Anime Heaven
Has a frequent anime reviews and occasional manga reviews as well. Ari is fond of manga, video games, and writing. She’s also a fan of good crime shows (me too :D).

Canne’s Anime Review Blog
Has mostly Anime Reviews, I’ve added a few series to my “must watch” list because of the posts here. Also has some interesting discussion topics.

A kindred spirit in their enthusiasm for Cardcaptor Sakura! Seems to have fallen into the world of anime and figures down the same rabbit hole I tripped into!

Cool and Spicy
Loves Lucky Star, particularly Kagami (how could I resist that!). Has a GREAT art book collection and has posts called “Anime Watch” where beautiful/unique pieces of fanart art posted.

(The) Deathseeker
Has multiple contributing authors. Actively has posts discussing the newest episodes of series airing in Japan in each season.

Fabrice Requin
This is Fabrice’s haven! The blog has an emphasis on figures! But there are also anime/manga reviews and impressions. There are also posts that focus on other fun aspects of Japan that are informative.

It may not be in English but the language barrier doesn’t matter when you see the amazing job he does when he reviews figures. The pictures speak for themselves.

Hina Ichigo
She has the most WONDERFUL figure collection I’ve ever seen!! Her hauls are truly amazing to behold! Also this blog has great posts on dolls, in particular GORGEOUS Dollfie Dreams!

How a Girl Figures
Her web site is gorgeously arranged and she does great reviews of figures. She has a big weak spot for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and is collecting as many items of Yoko as she can get her hands on. Dancing Queen makes great posts about otaku outings and does some pretty impressive cosplay.

Jayman’s Toy Box
When Jay makes a post it is FILLED with many reviews of so many forms of Japanese entertainment that you’ll be blown away! He may not collect figures anymore but we won’t hold that against him

Kumo’s Blog
I go to Kumo’s blog at least once a day, that’s the best compliment I can give any blog. He updates new figure announcements and delays frequently. Kumo is my favorite source of images of figures displayed at conventions.

Listless Ink
Has a soft spot for Yuri Particularly fond of Queen’s Blade and Horror Manga. Also owns a very cute dog that you might see in posts occasionally.

(The) Manga Critic
She single handedly destroyed my manga budget when I found her site! There are so many series recommended here that sound awesome that I hadn’t heard of before!

Manga Worth Reading
EXACTLY as the title states. This site is a great site for finding manga worth reading. And as you know I LOVE MANGA, and I have a lot of respect for this site and its choice in manga.

Dedicated to Skip Beat! Currently going through and translating the Skip Beat! game for the PS2 chapter by chapter. Also chapter discussions and scanlations on the most recent manga releases.

She is into a little bit of everything drawing, gunpla, movies, and of course anime! Lately there seems to be frequent posts on J-Dramas.

A mixture of many things otaku. He discusses anime, manga, the Japanese language, video games and has figure reviews. Lately Meron has been really into Touhou

Muza-chan’s Gate to Japan
This web-site is dedicated to traveling to Japan! As someone currently saving up to visit in the Fall of 2012 (or 2013 latest) I really can’t resist visiting often!

Nopy’s Blog
This site has a great “Anime Beginnings” project where all the anime pasts of my fellow bloggers are collected in one spot. Posts about figures an Japanese Anime Magazines. But my favorite posts are the anime reviews :)

Has a REALLY well set up web site, I’m serious I’m jealous. I like the reviews on figures a lot, they give background information on the character, and has a good system for giving the figures a score at the end.

Open Happy
An Otaku DAD! He loves gunpla and LOVES taking pictures of cosplay!

Otaku Dan
Has a daily post on something relating to figures/anime/video games.

Radiant Dreamer
Does Commission Artwork and posts about artwork (anime drawings, photoshop paintings, etc…). My banner was made by him. I also enjoy the video game posts a lot, they’re usually on games I’m interested in.

Sleep Is For the Weak
As soon as I saw the wide variety of manga reviews I knew I had another site to consult with on which series are worth my time. Plus  my aging heart takes comfort in the fact that the writers are about my age

Taikutsu Remedy
Snark is on a bit of a break right now! But check out his unique reviews (and interpretations) of some anime series and on his war against moe!

Tangerine Tango
A fellow blogger with a love of figures, but is now taking the blog in a new direction. Instead of a focus on just figures it’s also about topics surrounding anime, manga, and all the other related hobbies.

Useless Thoughts
A dedicated figure web site! Has a lot of figure reviews!

Wolf LOVES Dollfie Dreams and owns quite a few :) I love his creative/well posed Dollfie Dream photos. He also collects figures (although I think DD’s are the main focus these days) and enjoys video games!