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On Order: Arms, Mullets, Horror, and Cats

I went back and forth a lot on Strength (Good Smile Company), I LOVED the arms and her hood. I would have preferred a different pose though, all the rest of the BRS Animation figures seem ready to do a deadly attack! But Strength seems more like she’s (casually) trying to evade a hit. Basically Strength looks like she’s more-so on the receiving end on one of the other character’s attacks than actually attacking herself. But even though I say I’d prefer a different pose…I can’t think of an awesome aggressive pose that wouldn’t block Strength’s body from view…so perhaps GSC couldn’t overcome that dilemma either. I must admit I’m so fond of the character designs of Black Rock Shooter and have ordered so many figures from the series that I think I’m almost too scared to watch the series. If I don’t like the characters in the anime my love of the figures will diminish a bit :/ despite liking the character designs visually.

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On Order: Elsea, Catherine, Madoka, etc…

This past month I seem to have pre-ordered quite a few figures before I actually knew the characters. Only one of all of them was a character I knew from anime/manga before hitting that pre-order button! Above is Madoka (left) and Ryouko (right). I started Puella Magi Madoka Magica the day after I ordered her, and by episode 3 I was REALLY glad I did. But now I can’t stop imagining all the scaled figures I want from this series! I’ll be finishing off the last 3 episodes tonight and I can’t wait! Ryouko was a last minute order, she’s actually on her way to me right now via SAL. I just REALLY like her look, when owners started posting images of her I got envious. I read a little bit about her character and I liked what I saw about her personality too. I wouldn’t mind learning more about her as a character in the future.

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Thoughts on Alter’s Houmei

Usually I don’t post about figures that were ALMOST a pre-order…but I’ve wrestled over getting this figure ever since I saw the unpainted model next to the fully colored sketch. I’m a HUGE fan of the character designs that Tony Taka does for the Shining series AND the thought of traditionally dressed Alter figures sends excited shivers down my spine. This figure has so many aspects that I worship that I’m still kind of in shock that I’m not getting her. But basically the issue is I saw her preview images and wanted to love her very much, but I can’t get over that pose. I’ve always enjoyed that Alter gives characters unique poses separate from any illustrations, but I really don’t like this one, it seems awkward. I see the pros of choosing such a pose though, her beautiful robes can flare in a certain way and look natural. This pose may also be true to the personality of this character, which would make it an appropriate choice. But at the same time the robes I adore so much don’t seem to be the focus of the figure as much as her exposed legs and the torrent of water between them. Read the rest of this entry »

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