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My 10 Favorite Tokyopop Titles

I’ve been reading manga since Pocket Mixx (aka Tokyopop) released volume 1 of Sailor Moon over here in the US. From Sailor Moon I moved on to Cardcaptor Sakura, and from there I put all my efforts into affording every CLAMP manga I could lay my hands on. Back then Tokyopop was the sole source of CLAMP over here and I loved them for it. It wasn’t until Viz reduced their prices and stopped flipping their manga that I bought anything but Tokyopop. However as much as I praised and respected Tokyopop, without realizing it I got to a point where they weren’t my #1 distributor source of manga anymore. Tokyopop has recently announced that it will be closing its doors here in the US and this post is a dedication to my top ten favorite Tokyopop series. Tokyopop and I have had our ups and downs, and our most recent down of some cancellations left me extremely grumpy. But recently they had been bringing over series that have really caught my eye again, and I’m sad to see them go when things felt like they were on their way up again. Mangacritic’s Top 10 Tokyopop post inspired mine.

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My ARIA Punit Collection

So I FINALLY completed my ARIA Punit collection from Megahouse! I picked up my last piece of the set (Alice) on eBay a week ago. It all started when Aika and Alicia went on sale at HLJ in February 2010. I had just finished up reading ARIA at that point and at $20 a piece I dropped them in my cart without hesitation. I didn’t get so lucky in price with Akari and Alice, they each cost me a little under $50 (which is about their retail price). But considering they were released in 2008 I guess I should count myself lucky that they weren’t more popular and thus more expensive in the secondary market. Although one of the reasons they weren’t so popular might be because they have a number of design flaws. I took many more pictures than what you see below, if you want to see more go to my Aria Punit album here.

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ARIA Hauls + My Now Complete Set

That’s right! I’ve already reached my ARIA figure goal! I remember when I first started collecting figures someone on my forums posted their ARIA set and I thought they seemed lovely. But a fire was really lit under me to collect them all after I fell in love with the art books and manga. I was able to afford finishing collecting the set sooner than I expected because I came into a little extra cash :) I put most of it toward my car, and the rest towards a couple figures. I achieved my goal using Yahoo Japan, eBay, Tsuki-Board, and a proxy contact that picked up one of my ladies in a shop in Japan. Overall Athena and Aika proved the most difficult for me to find.

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