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Most Recent Haul + Other Updates

As I was unpacking and finding homes for the figures in the Built Up Haul Parts I and II, another haul built up. Maybe someday I’ll be up to date on my new goodies but it’s kind of more fun posting them all at once. Bottom to top, and left to right I have Animation Black Rock Shooter (GSC), Yukata Rei (Kotobukiya), Kakashi (Megahouse), Metis (Figma), Hetalia volume 2 (Kotobukiya), Luffy (Megahouse), Ace (Megahouse), Asuka (Alter), and Figuarts Luffy (Bandai). Almost all of these figures have found a nice place on my shelves. I’m just stuck on the best place to put my Hetalia figures. I also haven’t found a place for my Figuarts Luffy yet, why? Because I don’t really like how he looks, the outline of his lips makes it look like he has on lipstick. I believe this will be my last Figuarts figure. I guess my Boa Hancock Figuarts pre-order being cancelled was a blessing in disguise.

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1/6 Asuka and Rei Figures (Kotobukiya)

I’m a casual fan of Eva, I saw the anime series many years ago, but that’s it. I haven’t seen any of the Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone movies (yet). I’m not collecting ALL the 1/6 figures that Kotobukiya is making from Eva, but I did end up with Rei, Asuka, and Misato so far. I was able to get Rei/Misato at the Kotobukiya USA price. Asuka on the other hand I had to pay the full Japanese MSRP for. Oh well, I really didn’t want to skip Asuka. Prior to these figures I actually had none of the duo in their plug suits (godesses, maids, gothic lolita, witches…etc). Oh also as a side note I have a real light tent coming soon, the materials I made mine from just weren’t pure white enough for me. I couldn’t find better white colors in the craft stores by me.

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A December Haul and Vacation is Over

Pictured above are (left to right, bottom to top) Asuka (Kotobukiya), Kid Robin Version 2 (Megahouse), Tsukasa (FREEing), Miyuki and Tsukasa Figmas (Max Factory), Yukino (Max Factory), and Kanade (Max Factory). I took further pictures of Asuka and the Candy Boy duo that I’ll post later this week. I’m also taking a few pictures of the art books I got too. These were all items I got earlier in the month, not a Christmas haul. My Christmas haul was a few necklaces, sushi plates, and some boots. Not to mention candy and chocolate galore.

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