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Anime/Loot/Manga/Books Update

Anime Update
Sorry for taking so long to do another update! Life has been quite hectic lately with typical life obligations, but what can I say? I love boring things like fixing up things around my home, and then settling into a nice TV coma at night. Ever since I finished playing Hakuoki, my boyfriend and I have been obsessively watching GinTama for our anime series these past few months. So Gintama is where all my spare time has been going lately, blame Gintoki for capturing my heart and funny bone! We’ve also recently discovered and become addicted to the TV Series called Grimm, the series definitely has a feel of being from someone who was involved with creating Buffy the Vampire Slayer (my favorite TV Show in junior high). I may have to do a review of the Gintama anime soon, it’s a series I now consider to be one of the best shonen anime series around. Gintoki is the first hero I’ve seen that comes close to rivaling Luffy (One Piece) as my favorite. I may have to re-do my favorite Shonen characters list. After we (sadly) catch up in GinTama we’ll be moving on to Beezlebub next, not sure what’ll be after that. Otherwise the only other series on the anime front that I am continuing to keep up with are Fairy Tail, One Piece, and Sket Dance.

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Mid-March Haul!

Looks like Boa Hancock (Megahouse) managed to make it into one of my haul posts. She arrived a day after my last haul pictures were taken, I figured she wouldn’t make it into a post due to timing but tah-dah! Her amazing beauty was too much to ever be passed over in a post, too bad all the pictures I took of her out of box look terrible. Boa Hancock wins as the MOST un-annoying female in shonen that has romantic potential with the main character. My boyfriend and I were recently discussing how much we usually dislike the token girlfriend/romantic interest of shonen heroes. This topic was inspired by our dislike of Kyoko-chan in Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn. We both infinitely prefer Haru at this point because Kyoko is painfully uninteresting. But who knows how we’ll feel at the end of the series, she has 120 episode to change our minds.

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