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Last Few Pre-Orders

Oh yes, this Saber is a must have for me! I’m so glad I skipped her Gift version. I much prefer how GSC portrayed her here, although I’m incredibly biased because she will go SO WELL next to my Distant Avalon Saber! Now nothing against the Gift Saber, that Saber has her beautiful merits as well. But overall this Saber is my preference. If GSC decides to make a trio and create a complimentary Dark Saber I will give them my full support (and money). Although they might be too busy working on their 4th, 5th, and 6th Black Rock Shooter (BRS) figures :) It would probably be smart of them if they would put out another Rider figure instead of so many of BRS. Although I admit, the collectors out there that gather every BRS, their shelf will probably look awesome having them all side by side.

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Raqel from The Gathering


Someone posted images of Raqel Version 1 and 2 on the forums, and I LOVED THEM! Initially I was more drawn to version 1 which had a black dress/hair and a blue rose, but I began to realize that it was the brown haired version 2 I favored most. Why? Because I love the brown hair/yellow dress combo, and I think all the beautiful details are more noticeable in version 2. I LOVE wings, gothic lolita dresses, and weapons in my figures…so this figure was instant win for me. I was very sad to see it was being sold as a kit through E2046 and I didn’t know much about them or trust them so I skipped the pre-order.

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