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Selling Some Figures

Cutting back on my collection size again, this time I think I’m going to scale back my collection quite a bit so it’s not so crowded. So I’m selling some more figures on eBay. I’ve posted pictures of the figures on this post, and to see all my auctions go to my eBay page here. I’m selling:

Hatake Kakashi Megahouse GEM Figure Naruto
Yoko Littner Kotobukiya 1/6 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Figure
Yomako Sensei Alter 1/8 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Figure Yoko Littner
Reiri and Riza Chrono Gate Princess Resurrection/Kaibutsu Oujo Figure
Kagami and Tsukasa Lucky Star Shrine Maiden Wave Figure
Corticarte Lagranges 1/8 Polyphonica Figure Good Smile

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Selling Off a Portion of My Collection: Part I

Saber Alter (Solid Theater)

After deciding to cut back on pre-orders for figures, I’ve also decided to reduce my current collection. I’m trying to get to a point where I only own figures I have a strong connection to, and display just those figures with pride. I’m adopting a “less is more” lifestyle, I’m not doing my favorite beauties justice by putting them on overcrowded shelves. Also, I admit another reason I’m cutting back is that I’m still determined to get to Japan in 2 years for 2 weeks. Saving will be easier by doing all this. But this is only with figures…I’m always going to be a greedy manga hog! If I have manga listed it’s because I have doubles :) So each weekend for a while I’ll be listing a group of figures on eBay, and after I’ve listed them all I’ll post here to let my fellow blogging buddies know what I’ve put up for sale. This sale post will just be an “extra” post and won’t interrupt my normal posts. I’ll be posting reviews of more Strong Edition One Piece figures this week!

My Active Auctions

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Items for Sale – Round #1

TabithaBMX Reimisa01

This week these are my items on eBay:

Tabitha – Zero no Tsukaima – Kotobukiya
Misa Amane – Death Note – Jun Planning
BMX Rei – Evangelion – Kotobukiya
Mokona Plush – Tsubasa

I plan to sell some of my games, manga, and especially figures. When I started out I didn’t think my collection would get as big as it is now, and the thought of putting figures into storage and leaving games forever unplayed makes me sad. So instead I’m finding them new homes (and getting myself some cash). I know a lot of bloggers sell directly from their blog, but I prefer to go through eBay myself. I don’t plan on ALWAYS having stuff up for sale, I’m just doing a few rounds. After all if I always had stuff up for sale then I’d have nothing left :) I’m too greedy to own nothing voluntarily.

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