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On Order: Arms, Mullets, Horror, and Cats

I went back and forth a lot on Strength (Good Smile Company), I LOVED the arms and her hood. I would have preferred a different pose though, all the rest of the BRS Animation figures seem ready to do a deadly attack! But Strength seems more like she’s (casually) trying to evade a hit. Basically Strength looks like she’s more-so on the receiving end on one of the other character’s attacks than actually attacking herself. But even though I say I’d prefer a different pose…I can’t think of an awesome aggressive pose that wouldn’t block Strength’s body from view…so perhaps GSC couldn’t overcome that dilemma either. I must admit I’m so fond of the character designs of Black Rock Shooter and have ordered so many figures from the series that I think I’m almost too scared to watch the series. If I don’t like the characters in the anime my love of the figures will diminish a bit :/ despite liking the character designs visually.

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On Order: Elsea, Catherine, Madoka, etc…

This past month I seem to have pre-ordered quite a few figures before I actually knew the characters. Only one of all of them was a character I knew from anime/manga before hitting that pre-order button! Above is Madoka (left) and Ryouko (right). I started Puella Magi Madoka Magica the day after I ordered her, and by episode 3 I was REALLY glad I did. But now I can’t stop imagining all the scaled figures I want from this series! I’ll be finishing off the last 3 episodes tonight and I can’t wait! Ryouko was a last minute order, she’s actually on her way to me right now via SAL. I just REALLY like her look, when owners started posting images of her I got envious. I read a little bit about her character and I liked what I saw about her personality too. I wouldn’t mind learning more about her as a character in the future.

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Thanksgiving Haul

This haul contains:

Fate unlimited code – 1/7 Saber Lily Distant Avalon PVC Figure
Gurren Lagann – 1/8 Nia PVC Figure
Gurren Lagann – 1/8 Viral PVC Figure
Lucky Star – 1/4 Kagami Gym Clothes Ver PVC Figure
Lucky Star – EX Figure Vol. 2 (Set of 2)
Lucky Star – Konata Summer Uniform Ver Figma Figure
Lucky Star – Mini Display Figure Vol. 2 (Set of 4)
One Piece – Figure Collection Vol. 3 (Set of 3)
One Piece – Hungry Chopper Mauve T-Shirt (Size M)
One Piece – Wanted pictures figures Set of 10
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – EX Figure (Set of 2)

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Nendoroids vs Duckie’s Wallet

My Nendoroids

I have SUCH SUCH a hard time saying no to nendoroids!!! This weakness is becoming more and more pronounced, and Good Smile knows it and are releasing way too many cute nendos! I’m trying to control how much I pre-order these days and I find resisting a kawaii nendoroid one of the hardest thing to do. It could be a character I don’t even know ANYTHING about but it’s SO HARD to say no! Anything and everything when put into the nendoroid chibi form seems to be sooooo adorable! But these little demons are typically like $30-$35 a pop…that REALLY REALLY adds up quick! I’d probably be more inclined to drown myself in nendoroid pre-orders if they were $25.

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