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My 10 Favorite Tokyopop Titles

I’ve been reading manga since Pocket Mixx (aka Tokyopop) released volume 1 of Sailor Moon over here in the US. From Sailor Moon I moved on to Cardcaptor Sakura, and from there I put all my efforts into affording every CLAMP manga I could lay my hands on. Back then Tokyopop was the sole source of CLAMP over here and I loved them for it. It wasn’t until Viz reduced their prices and stopped flipping their manga┬áthat I bought anything but Tokyopop. However as much as I praised and respected Tokyopop, without realizing it I got to a point where they weren’t my #1 distributor source of manga anymore. Tokyopop has recently announced that it will be closing its doors here in the US and this post is a dedication to my top ten favorite Tokyopop series. Tokyopop and I have had our ups and downs, and our most recent down of some cancellations left me extremely grumpy.┬áBut recently they had been bringing over series that have really caught my eye again, and I’m sad to see them go when things felt like they were on their way up again. Mangacritic’s Top 10 Tokyopop post inspired mine.

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Anime/Manga Wishes on a Star

It seems like in this hobby I’m never fully satisfied. I always want more, once one wish is granted I’m incredibly excited at the good news and then I start thinking about my other wishes. Most of my wishes have to do with the way series are brought over from Japan to where I am. So most would be solved if I could speak Japanese and read hiragana/katakana/kanji. However others would be unfullfilled even if I could read/speak Japanese like I was born in Japan.

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