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Inubaka Crazy For Dogs Manga Review

inu coverInubaka 7

I picked up this series because Johanna kept making posts about each volume. Not all of the volumes get a “recommended” tag from her, but I became very curious and decided to try it out after reading a few more reviews from other bloggers. In general all of their reactions were about the same, it seemed like the reviewer liked the series a lot, but witheld outright recommending it because they felt how much you enjoy this series depends on how interested you are in dogs. Also this series is kind of an odd combination of adorable loving doggie tales, and the occasional bit of (light) fan service with a panty shot from the heroine. So it’s kind of hard for me to guess exactly who the target audience of this series is.

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There is no such thing as too much manga!

This past year I’ve been finding myself buying manga in a way that is a bit more frantic than prior years. Certain volumes of some series keep going Out Of Print (OOP) and the sellers on Amazon/eBay seem to think someone will actually pay up to $100+ for a single volume of manga. The portion of my bonus that I saved for “fun stuff” this year mainly went to piles of manga that I have concerns about going OOP. When I start seeing a low stock flag on a series I want I tend to hurry up and buy what I need. I don’t trust the promise of “More on the way” because that’s usually a lie when it comes to manga lately. So this post will be about  the bulk of manga that I purchased recently.

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