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Current Top Ten Shonen/Seinen Guys

Ari gets credit for making me want to do this post, initially I tried to follow her example and do an overall top ten guys list…but that didn’t work out at all. Comparing guys from shoujo to guys from shonen is like comparing apples to oranges, it’s difficult to say that one character is cooler than another. Especially when that other character is a guy that fights in a cow onsie and an afro, I mean what bishie shoujo character stands a chance against such a unique guy?¬†¬†Characteristics I value in shoujo men aren’t always appreciated in the characters in shonen and vice versa. So I’ve divided things up. But I’m not sure how excited I’ll be about my female Shonen list…there are so many less awesome femme fatales to choose from in Shonen so most will probably be from Seinen series. Also I had to add in “current” to the title because my favorites are easily influenced by what part of the series I’m at when it’s time to make a list. For example if I had made this list when Naruto seriously fought Sasuke for the first time, Naruto would probably be in the top 10. My preferences change around as I see more, and series I liked a lot at the time I watched them sometimes fade from my memory quickly.

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Impulse Tengen Toppa Purchases


So I initially resisted the Eye Up Kamina and Yoko figures, there were a lot of other figures I wanted around that release date and I really had to talk myself out of them. I talked myself out of them because I was hungrily collecting the fabulous (and expensive) FREEing Haruhi bunnies and I purchased the majority of them around that time (Haruhi/Mikuru re-release and Ryoko first release).¬†But now that Nia and Viral are announced, I can’t take it anymore. I’ve been particularly anxious for another Nia figure and I’m very happy that my wishes have been answered. I own the Konami Nia which is lovely but her pose is a bit awkward. Initially I was a bit surprised to see Viral got a figure but he is such a good character that he definitely deserves a figure and I’m glad Eye Up/upLark did a figure of him. That manufacturer wins for focusing on more then just the sexy female characters in their figures.

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