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Current Top Ten Shonen/Seinen Gals

The funny thing is that I judged a lot of these females by my first impressions of them, and was prepared to dislike many of them (and their skanky outfits). But their personalities, determination, and skills made me forget my first impression and I loved watching each of  them in their respective series. I seem to be very harsh on judging which female characters are worth my affection, probably more-so than male characters. Also, may as well say this ahead of time, I LOVE the Black Lagoon females…I can’t think of a single female from that series that didn’t have me pumped. Although only two made the list. This post contains SPOILERS for * One Piece, Gurren Lagann*. Here is a list of my favorite Shonen/Seinen Guys.

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Thanksgiving Haul

This haul contains:

Fate unlimited code – 1/7 Saber Lily Distant Avalon PVC Figure
Gurren Lagann – 1/8 Nia PVC Figure
Gurren Lagann – 1/8 Viral PVC Figure
Lucky Star – 1/4 Kagami Gym Clothes Ver PVC Figure
Lucky Star – EX Figure Vol. 2 (Set of 2)
Lucky Star – Konata Summer Uniform Ver Figma Figure
Lucky Star – Mini Display Figure Vol. 2 (Set of 4)
One Piece – Figure Collection Vol. 3 (Set of 3)
One Piece – Hungry Chopper Mauve T-Shirt (Size M)
One Piece – Wanted pictures figures Set of 10
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – EX Figure (Set of 2)

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Impulse Tengen Toppa Purchases


So I initially resisted the Eye Up Kamina and Yoko figures, there were a lot of other figures I wanted around that release date and I really had to talk myself out of them. I talked myself out of them because I was hungrily collecting the fabulous (and expensive) FREEing Haruhi bunnies and I purchased the majority of them around that time (Haruhi/Mikuru re-release and Ryoko first release). But now that Nia and Viral are announced, I can’t take it anymore. I’ve been particularly anxious for another Nia figure and I’m very happy that my wishes have been answered. I own the Konami Nia which is lovely but her pose is a bit awkward. Initially I was a bit surprised to see Viral got a figure but he is such a good character that he definitely deserves a figure and I’m glad Eye Up/upLark did a figure of him. That manufacturer wins for focusing on more then just the sexy female characters in their figures.

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