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A December Haul and Vacation is Over

Pictured above are (left to right, bottom to top) Asuka (Kotobukiya), Kid Robin Version 2 (Megahouse), Tsukasa (FREEing), Miyuki and Tsukasa Figmas (Max Factory), Yukino (Max Factory), and Kanade (Max Factory). I took further pictures of Asuka and the Candy Boy duo that I’ll post later this week. I’m also taking a few pictures of the art books I got too. These were all items I got earlier in the month, not a Christmas haul. My Christmas haul was a few necklaces, sushi plates, and some boots. Not to mention candy and chocolate galore.

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Series That Have Consumed Me


What are your anime and manga series that have completely consumed your attention and thoughts? When a series takes me over I can’t help but think of it at least several times a day. I’m the type that easily gets lost in my imagination so I can spend a long time thinking about lots of different scenarios in a series. Maybe even imagine myself as a badass character in that series if it’s a Shonen. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to figure out what kind of a pirate I would be on One Piece! Although when you’re as weak as myself, it’s hard to even imagine yourself being of any use when in reality you need to use the leg of your pants just to open twistable beer/soda bottles! Oddly enough I never imagine myself as being part of any shoujo series I like, I’m romantic enough to thoroughly enjoy these series watching other people. But not nearly romantic enough to place myself in the heroine’s shoes, or even sneaking away with the heroine’s good looking leftover men.

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