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Anime/Loot/Manga/Books Update

Anime Update
Sorry for taking so long to do another update! Life has been quite hectic lately with typical life obligations, but what can I say? I love boring things like fixing up things around my home, and then settling into a nice TV coma at night. Ever since I finished playing Hakuoki, my boyfriend and I have been obsessively watching GinTama for our anime series these past few months. So Gintama is where all my spare time has been going lately, blame Gintoki for capturing my heart and funny bone! We’ve also recently discovered and become addicted to the TV Series called Grimm, the series definitely has a feel of being from someone who was involved with creating Buffy the Vampire Slayer (my favorite TV Show in junior high). I may have to do a review of the Gintama anime soon, it’s a series I now consider to be one of the best shonen anime series around. Gintoki is the first hero I’ve seen that comes close to rivaling Luffy (One Piece) as my favorite. I may have to re-do my favorite Shonen characters list. After we (sadly) catch up in GinTama we’ll be moving on to Beezlebub next, not sure what’ll be after that. Otherwise the only other series on the anime front that I am continuing to keep up with are Fairy Tail, One Piece, and Sket Dance.

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Oresama Teacher Review

I must say that the cover art from this series certainly doesn’t draw me in, although titles that involve the word teacher in it doesn’t appeal to me too much either :) Too many cheap ways to write a high school series come to mind as soon as I realize the main characters are a female student and a male teacher…but it turns out this series is nothing like I imagined from the cover. The only reason why I gave this series a try was because it kept popping up on my Amazon recommended list when looking at various shoujo series. I sampled a few volumes online before I committed to collecting/reading the series. I must admit I love scans when I’m in a situation where I’m torn on going after a series or not, they’re very helpful when I can’t flip through it in a bookstore. Plus…as unashamed of my hobby as I am…I still feel weird flipping through manga volumes next to kids 10 years younger than me. I always feel like those young eyes are looking at me with questions about figuring out how into manga I am. Plus I really don’t like picking up ones that have labels that scream “mature content” in front of the young ones too (patheticly scratching at the wrapping to see if it’s a series I actually would want to read). Although the questioning eye part might be my over active imagination :)

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