If there is an art book I want, but it hasn’t been released in English, I have no problems buying the Japanese version. Not being able to read the “extras” at the end of the book do make me a bit sad. But the main reason I want these books is for the full page illustrations. I’m a big fan of CLAMP illustrations and love their art books. Unfortunately not ALL RG Veda illustrations are in this art book, but a good chunk are. There is another RG Veda art book out there, but the pricetag is too high for my blood. How much did this one cost? The seller’s requested “Buy It Now” price was $48.99, but my offer of $26.00 was accepted and I also got free shipping because I bought several other art books. So don’t hesitate to ever use the “Make an Offer” feature on eBay when it’s available, you may be surprised at the luck of your results.

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