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Top Ten Magical Girls

Making this list was a LOT more of a pain than I thought it would be! I was thinking I had a lot more anime series options that fell under the “magical girl” category than I actually did. Characters that I used to think were considered “magical girls” probably were a bit too old, and their powers were either more supernatural oriented, or not as magical as I remembered them being. I probably still don’t understand what a magical girl category really is, and there may be more series/characters applicable to this than I considered. But below are characters from my favorite series that I thought were best qualified as the “magical girl” genre. The magical girl genre in general seems to be mostly hit or miss for me. The series I like, I REALLY like, and the series I dislike, I REALLY dislike. Plus…as I made this list I had terrible urges to re-read some of these series, I already got distracted at least once to re-read one of these series and have been resisting the rest until later. My next manga review may have to be a magical girl series :)

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My Hobby Development

This post is inspired from a project Nopy is doing that involves looking into the Anime pasts of fellow bloggers. Anime started for me (in the 5th grade) at the kitchen table looking at it on a very small TV. My kindergarten aged sister insisted on putting this cartoon Sailor Moon on the TV. I was grumpy with the choice at first because even though it looked pretty, I didn’t understand what was going on since it was based on events from previous episodes. It took a few episodes of me being forced to watch it before I became addicted. Pretty soon we watched an episode every day and bought as many as we could on VHS. We each got Sailor Moon gifts as presents for a few years, there were plushes, purses, wands, and some leftover high heels to run around thwarting evil in. But before I knew it the tables turned, I was the one forcing my sister to re-watch episodes over and over again and she could barely stand it. I was obsessed with my VHS tape of the episodes where “Serena” was revealed to be the princess, and my home recorded one of them traveling to the moon kingdom. But alas…something odd was going on, every time the episodes reached a certain point in the middle of (what I later found out to be called) the Dark Moon story arc they re-started again at episode 1!!! I can’t tell you how many times I watched a full cycle of Sailor Moon hoping the show would finally continue from that cliffhanger, but it didn’t. I was really crushed by this and I partially moved on for a while.

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Anime/Manga Wishes on a Star

It seems like in this hobby I’m never fully satisfied. I always want more, once one wish is granted I’m incredibly excited at the good news and then I start thinking about my other wishes. Most of my wishes have to do with the way series are brought over from Japan to where I am. So most would be solved if I could speak Japanese and read hiragana/katakana/kanji. However others would be unfullfilled even if I could read/speak Japanese like I was born in Japan.

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Series That Have Consumed Me


What are your anime and manga series that have completely consumed your attention and thoughts? When a series takes me over I can’t help but think of it at least several times a day. I’m the type that easily gets lost in my imagination so I can spend a long time thinking about lots of different scenarios in a series. Maybe even imagine myself as a badass character in that series if it’s a Shonen. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to figure out what kind of a pirate I would be on One Piece! Although when you’re as weak as myself, it’s hard to even imagine yourself being of any use when in reality you need to use the leg of your pants just to open twistable beer/soda bottles! Oddly enough I never imagine myself as being part of any shoujo series I like, I’m romantic enough to thoroughly enjoy these series watching other people. But not nearly romantic enough to place myself in the heroine’s shoes, or even sneaking away with the heroine’s good looking leftover men.

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