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Lucky Star x Macross Frontier Cosplay Figure Set

I was originally planning for each girl to get her own figure post…but I decided it would be harder to post group pics that way. Plus with the slow rate I go at (finally) posting figure reviews, I’d be posting nothing but this set for the next month. I try to hold back my “figure set completionist” ways whenever I think I’m buying something JUST because it’s part of a set. But for these I definitely felt it was all or nothing, I wanted all 4, or none at all. All 4 together tell a much better story, plus I really like all the cosplay outfits chosen. And lets be honest here…anything of the Lucky Star cast cosplaying has my interest, I think it’s adorable. Got to this post to see them in their boxes, and to see the rest of the Limited Lucky Star x Macross Frontier Set.

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Lucky Star x Macross Frontier Banpresto Haul

The Lucky Star x Macross Frontier set…oh how I’ve WAITED for you! I NEVER ever thought I would look forward to (or pay so much) for anything from Banpresto. When I saw the images of these items I immediately wanted to buy them, but I had a long debate with myself if the quality of the final product would match the price point I would have to pay. Especially since I’m a figure collector located in the U.S.  without personal connections to anyone in Japan. Originally I was only going to get the large figures of the main cast, and the small figures of the supporting cast. BUT bad luck turned into good luck, my pre-order for those items fell through and then I found the WHOLE set on eBay for what I was going to pay for just the figures. In this haul I’m going to take pictures of the plushes, jets, and mini figures. What about the main figures?! I’m going to do a review of each of the large prize figures individually.

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Last Month’s Haul


Top Left – Kagami and Tsukasa (Wave)
Bottom Left – Gin (Megahouse)
Top Right – Ace and Luffy (Banpresto)
Bottom Right – Sheryl Nome (Megahouse)
Shirts Left to Right – Nami, Saber Lily, and Zoro
Leftmost – Lucky Star Tea Cup
Rightmost – Saber Lily/Dark Saber Mug

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