I must say that the cover art from this series certainly doesn’t draw me in, although titles that involve the word teacher in it doesn’t appeal to me too much either :) Too many cheap ways to write a high school series come to mind as soon as I realize the main characters are a female student and a male teacher…but it turns out this series is nothing like I imagined from the cover. The only reason why I gave this series a try was because it kept popping up on my Amazon recommended list when looking at various shoujo series. I sampled a few volumes online before I committed to collecting/reading the series. I must admit I love scans when I’m in a situation where I’m torn on going after a series or not, they’re very helpful when I can’t flip through it in a bookstore. Plus…as unashamed of my hobby as I am…I still feel weird flipping through manga volumes next to kids 10 years younger than me. I always feel like those young eyes are looking at me with questions about figuring out how into manga I am. Plus I really don’t like picking up ones that have labels that scream “mature content” in front of the young ones too (patheticly scratching at the wrapping to see if it’s a series I actually would want to read). Although the questioning eye part might be my over active imagination :)

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