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Bat Girl (Kotobukiya)

Hhhhhmmm in my last review I mentioned I don’t buy many Kotobukiya figures…but here I am doing a review on another one! Perhaps I buy more Kotobukiya than I realize? I’m curious to now what figure manufacturer I buy the most from is. Well anyway I didn’t consider Bat Girl for pre-order because I’m cutting back on figures and felt that even though I like the Shunya Marvel/DC Comics Bishoujo line, the figures were too much money for the scale and quality. YET after I made this decision Bat Girl still snuck into my collection! I admit I have a particular weakness for Batman because of the Animated Series I watched growing up. I’m ESPECIALLY fond of all the girl characters. I loved episodes that had a female villains especially.

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Scarlet Witch (Kotobukiya)

This figure is of Scarlet Witch and she is part of the Marvel Shunya Yamashita Bishoujo Series. This series started out with Rogue who was an immediate pre-order for me, and before I knew it I was collecting most of this series. So far I’ve only passed on two of the series. I passed on the Yelena Belova version of Black Widow and the White version of Phoenix. I like X-Men more than any other Marvel series, but I’m a casual fan. As a child I watched the cartoon tv series whenever I got the chance, in junior high I watched X-Men: Evolution, and I’ve also seen all three movies (I preferred #1 and #2 to the third movie). But my knowledge of X-Men has a lot of gaps, and the Scarlet Witch is one of those characters I don’t know. But despite not knowing her I got her because I liked her appearance and I already had so many of the other figures from the series it seemed a shame to skip one if I liked her appearance. Plus I like how Shunya Yamashita designs heroic looking females.

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