I actually don’t pre-order that many Kotobukiya figures these days (compared to in the past). Usually I end up passing on a Kotobukiya version of a character in favor of something from GSC, Alter, or Max Factory. I like their Shining line a lot, but lately I’m not confident that they’re worth the price tag in comparison to other figures. BUT every once in a while Kotobukiya makes a unique character selection for their figures and does such a good job on them that I can’t resist. The moment I saw Dark Magician go up for order I dropped her into my cart. I was more of a Pokemon/Digimon fan in junior high, but I watched a few episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh here and there too. To  be honest I REALLY disliked how the protagonist looked and didn’t understand his transformations. I would intermittently watch episodes, so I never had a great grasp of the plot. At some point I’d like to watch this series uncut/subbed to see what all the fuss was about.

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