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Anime/Manga Wishes on a Star

It seems like in this hobby I’m never fully satisfied. I always want more, once one wish is granted I’m incredibly excited at the good news and then I start thinking about my other wishes. Most of my wishes have to do with the way series are brought over from Japan to where I am. So most would be solved if I could speak Japanese and read hiragana/katakana/kanji. However others would be unfullfilled even if I could read/speak Japanese like I was born in Japan.

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Tokyo Crazy Paradise Manga Review

I‘m a huge fan of this mangaka! I’ve worshipped Skip Beat! (Nakamura’s other manga series) for the past 3 years! I’ve re-read Skip Beat! so many times that I’ve completely lost count. But, I read Tokyo Crazy Paradise for the first time just this month. Why did I wait so long? I AVOIDED this series, I ADMIT IT! Why? Well…I’ve been reading manga for many years now, and I’ve often found that when I love one series, and go to read another series by that same mangaka, I end up feeling disappointed by it. Nakamura and Skip Beat! meant so much to me that I couldn’t bear the thought of being completely disappointed with her other series. Most of the time when I’m disappointed by how similar the characters/plot are to the original story I loved, it’s like the same main characters have been copied and pasted into a different environment with different hair styles.When I see that I allow it to affect my image of the characters from that first series, they suddenly seem a lot less unique and it lessens my love of the series. Plus…why isn’t Tokyo Crazy Paradise being released officially in the US? That particular detail nagged at me the most, it seemed like it was almost saying…this series isn’t so great.

I’ll be making many comparisons to Skip Beat! throughout this review, I’m sorry if this is bothersome to the readers who haven’t read Skip Beat! but this is how I wanted to write the review. Especially since I feel that those most curious about this series will be those that are fans of Skip Beat!

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