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Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning

I remember a long time back there was a Spiral anime I was considering watching, and someone online told me not to even bother because it’s a mystery where you don’t even get to see the ending. However, in Yen Press’s anthology magazine I saw that one of the editors was talking about how Spiral was her family member’s favorite series. A few months later I was going through my favorite manga review blogs and saw that one of them had REALLY enjoyed Fallen Vampire. The series (Fallen Vampire) was cheap used, and the review had gotten my interest so I purchased and loved it. The whole time I was reading Fallen Vampire the covers all had “from the creator of Spiral” all over them. So, as soon as I was done with Fallen Vampire I went out and purchased Spiral too…

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Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro

This is going to be a very short post on Shoulder – A – Coffin Kuro. Currently there are only 2 volumes, and the series is on hiatus, but despite  knowing that I still tried it out. Usually I’m not always a fan of the four panel comic style that’s common in Japan, but this format suits the story. This is one of those types of series that are an entertaining but calm ride, and I like the change of pace (from other series I’m reading) a lot. This is the type of series I like to read every once in a while to try out something different.

Kuro and Sen are travelers on a mission. What’s the mission? Why does Kuro carry a coffin? Well the reader gets hints at what the mission is and information on Kuro’s past bit by bit. Along the way these two encounter various characters, and each town they visit has its own story. Kuro does (small) good deeds and leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets. This series feels like a fairy tale but in the classic (Grimm) sense. Overall an interesting read with humor and an unspoken darkness that hangs over the characters. I liked the first volume a lot, but the stories in the 2nd volume were especially good. The second volume is darker and reveals more information. It’s a DAMN shame this series is on hiatus, but I’m happy to be able to read the first two volumes at least. The episodic nature of the story allows me to be calm about the fact that there currently aren’t any more volumes and that there may never be more.

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