I love the maid look, BUT I like the traditional English maid look best. I prefer when maids have the long dress like what Emma has (or the maid outfit Mikuru wears in the club room from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya). I also happen to adore England and think fondly about the time that Emma lived in. I’ve seen both seasons of the anime of Emma, and have read all the manga volumes that relate to the main story. Overall I really liked the series but I think it could have been EVEN BETTER. But this isn’t a review of the series, I’m only thinking of the Emma figure by Max Factory today.

This figure is kind of a tease, in fact I think most figures where the character is designed to be viewed from the back are teases. The look from the back is really great, but there are so many gorgeous details on the front of the figure that you’re missing out on from this point of view! I love how she is holding up her dress/apron in the front, it’s so detailed and heavy that there are two clear stands that go beneath her underskirts to help her hold it up. Another problem I have with figures where the characters are designed to be faced away is that they’re usually the trickiest to display at a height where you can appreciate what the manufacturer was going for when this figure was designed. For now I have Emma on my top shelf but I’m thinking I’m going to bring her down lower soon. Hopefully that will also better hide her skirt support stands from my view.

In all honesty I’m SHOCKED that there is a figure of Emma, she is probably my most unique figure. Why? Because she is my only full scaled figure of a (romance) shoujo heroine! The rarest of all types of figures, far rarer than figures of men by far. Sigh…what I wouldn’t give for more figures of my favorite shoujo heroines! I’d gladly drop quite a bit of money on a figure of Kyoko (Skip Beat!). BUT I like this figure, it’s a great size and it’s great Max Factory quality. But because of how conservative (and elegant) this figure is, it’s probably only for those that have a huge maid obsession, or just simply love Emma. I’m very happy with this figure and it was one of the more difficult figures for me to track down from my collection. My only complaint is that the glasses are hard to get on straight. I thought I had succeeded at getting them on straight, but when reviewing these images I realized I failed.