This figure is of Scarlet Witch and she is part of the Marvel Shunya Yamashita Bishoujo Series. This series started out with Rogue who was an immediate pre-order for me, and before I knew it I was collecting most of this series. So far I’ve only passed on two of the series. I passed on the Yelena Belova version of Black Widow and the White version of Phoenix. I like X-Men more than any other Marvel series, but I’m a casual fan. As a child I watched the cartoon tv series whenever I got the chance, in junior high I watched X-Men: Evolution, and I’ve also seen all three movies (I preferred #1 and #2 to the third movie). But my knowledge of X-Men has a lot of gaps, and the Scarlet Witch is one of those characters I don’t know. But despite not knowing her I got her because I liked her appearance and I already had so many of the other figures from the series it seemed a shame to skip one if I liked her appearance. Plus I like how Shunya Yamashita designs heroic looking females.

I actually did this photo shoot with two different backgrounds. I couldn’t decide between the two. The blue background kinda seems more like she is underwater than flying. I should really find a sky blue background at some point soon. Although the main drawback with the blue background is that it really draws attention to the fact that her leotard is a few shades more pink than her face. That subtle difference kind of makes her face look a little sickly. The blue background offered a nice contrast for her red outfit, but I liked the pink a lot too despite my concerns that it may match the leotard on the figure too well and overwhelm the figure. Even after reviewing the photos I couldn’t pick one over the other without some regret, so I’ll just post both.

I love that they used the cape as the stand! As I’ve mentioned on my blog before, I dislike large bases. So what better solution is there than to completely eliminate the need for a base? Not only that, but I never have to worry about broken pegs. When I disassemble a figure (for whatever reason) I concentrate hard on pulling them off the base without causing any damage. Packing up to move from my apartment to the house was a lot worse because of this constant worry when packing figures. I do think these figures are a bit small for their price tag (I paid about $60 for her). All of them may have a decent height listed under their figure stats, but I feel that’s mostly because they all have bases that raise up their heights a bit. If only Kotobukiya USA were still around I probably could have gotten her for $20 less! Oh Kotobukiya USA I still miss you and think of you fondly!

Also I did some research on The Scarlet Witch after I pre-ordered her. My summary of her is that she is the daughter of Magneto, and her abilities manipulate the probabilities of certain situations occurring. The articles I read on her refer to her abilities as “hexing”, but that at a later point it was re-defined as actually being able to manipulate reality. I think that the “hexing” ability sounds really cool for a cartoon/comic, but if she were a video game character the unpredictability of her abilities might be annoying and stop me from making her a part of my party. I have no idea if she actually is featured in any video games, and if she is frustrating  or awesome to use.

In the end I recommend her if you’re a fan of Shunya Yamashita and Marvel/X-Men. It’s a good figure, but a little overpriced if you only compare the scale/quality to the cost. Personally I’m happy with her, but I don’t recommend her for everyone that collects figures. I enjoy this series and I’m hoping that at some point I get a Shunya Yamashita figure of Storm. As a kid I mainly watched X-Men for Storm, I loved her abilities and thought she looked like a powerful goddess.