Puz Quest

I usually carry my DS around in a silly little (pink) purse thing that has a lot of storage room for extra games, in case I want to play something else. But since starting Puzzlequest this is the only game I need when I go out so I’ve ditched the purse. This is the perfect game to play in the car while my partner and I travel around doing errands or commuting to work, I usually turn off the volume (the audio is nothing notable from what I’ve heard) and can have conversations while I play a bit.

I have lots of great games for the DS right now, but even though all DS games are portable most require all of my attention and concentration (ex: The World Ends With You). Not to mention they have unique soundtracks that make it so I don’t want to turn off the volume. So these games aren’t good for when I want a quick bit of entertainment on the run. Puzzlequest automatically saves every step of the way, which is a must have feature for a game I want to play for short periods of time.

I had meant to write this review once I had completed the game. But I think at this stage of things I have a fair enough grasp on what to expect with this game questing to make this post now. Although I admit I haven’t yet experienced every feature of this game. But I already like what I see, and I expect to continue being entertained and pleased. With other games experiencing all the plot seems an essential part of being able to collect your thoughts on the game for a review blurb, not so much with this one.


The fact that I love this game so much is really a miracle, I’m usually very firm on having a plot. Also if it’s a puzzle game I typically want there to be more then one type of puzzle in the game! Yet here I am playing the same randomized puzzle over and over again with many characters, and I’m absolutely thrilled each time! The gameplay is simply to line up the same symbols in a row (minimum of 3 in a row), you have various skills (and so do your enemies) though that make it a bit more unpredictable and interesting. Line up skulls to do direct damage, the coins to get money, the stars for skill points, and those colored gems for mana to perform those special abilities mentioned. The plot is straightforward, dry, and short, and I’m happy with it being that way. Any more details on the plot and it would just delay me from getting to the next puzzle! I like the fact that the plot is almost as bare bones as you can get.


Although this game has next to no plot I love how customizable it is to who you are and how you want to play the game. You’ll encounter characters, and based on what you decide they may join your group and give you additional advantages over certain types of foes (it reminds me of the extra party member’s purpose in Suikoden III). You’ll also be sent on quests to get items…but you always have the choice to keep said item rather than return it. I also have my own citadel that I build from the gold I earn and have the option to siege other cities for my own…I plan on putting many hours into this game if I can!

I initially I struggled with this game, I even wondered if my mind simply didn’t function/think in a way that made succeeding possible. But I wanted to be good at it…and I kept at it, and before I knew it I had trained my eyes to take in all the little gems/symbols and evaluate my wisest course of action. I still occasionally miss a great move that my opponent grabbed instead. I growl at myself when I miss a grear move, but at least I haven’t lost a match in a long time.


This game is a perfect distraction to fill in the odd hours of my day and I’m really happy I took a risk and tried it out. Although I probably wouldn’t play this game if I were to sit at my TV and pick out a game to play for a few hours. This game gets an A+ in portable fun for me!