Paperback: 112 pages
Publisher: Del Rey (December 8, 2009)
Language: English
MSRP: $19.99

I didn’t add in all those capitalized letters to be wacky and cool :) for some reason that’s how the title is spelled. So Del Rey were the ones being “wacky and cool”. I love CLAMP art books, art books make up only a small part of my collection, but most of the ones I own are CLAMP. Their art style/costumes/settings never fail to fascinate me. My favorite art books are still the Cardcaptor Sakura ones…but this one is right on their heels. I wasn’t a fan of Tsubasa at first…but I’m becoming more interested with each volume read. Sakura and Syaoran are my favorite couple of all time, so I was bound to love this series.

These images are just some quick pictures I took of my art book, I took images of my favorite ones. Even before I had experienced any Tsubasa I had a lot of the art from this series hanging up on my wall. So if I already printed out these images for my wall why bother with the art book? Some series out there are special enough for me to buy figures of the characters, and SOME even more special series make me want to buy the art books. It should really be the other way around (art books first and figures 2nd) when I think of the price differences. But not enough series out there have illustrations so grand that I would pay money to have some of them in the form of a book. After all, I can look up illustrations from every series online too.

This was my favorite illustration for a long time. I’m a sucker for yukatas, and particularly the flowers on Sakura’s yukata (Morning Glory?). The lovely chemistry between them here reminds me of how their Cardcaptor Sakura counterparts would behave with one another after the series ended.

I know this isn’t the “Chii” from Chobits…but this is by FAR my favorite illustration of Chii (and I really like a lot of the illustrations of her). I think Chii looks particularly beautiful in CLAMP’s latest art style. It’s a shame she only shows up in the art book once, but she is a pretty minor character in this series so far. So I’m lucky to even have 1 illustration of her.

*Clasps Heart* I like this one a lot. The whole maiden in distress with a knight coming to her rescue really works here. Especially because the background is so ominous! Plus…her dress is SWEET! I love the details in it! This one definitely appeals to my romantic side. I wish more “shonen” series had illustrations like this. I love action…but action is even better when there is a lot of love behind it all.

Only thing that comes close to my love of Japanese traditional clothing in illustrations is my love of old European clothing. They look awesome.

I just really like the color scheme and pose. Although…it could also be the way Syaoran is holding Sakura’s hand (princess style and all).

I’m ending on an illustration of Ashura who originated in RG Veda. When I read RG Veda I was a little uncomfortable about how I couldn’t really perceive the gender of the main character. Ashura was designed to have a look that could go either way (bishie male or beautiful female). Tsubasa did something unique, they made the story involving Ashura more intersting then the series this character comes from for me. I REALLY loved the story arc involving Ashura, it was beautiful. I also didn’t mind being unsure of his/her gender for once, I almost felt it was more poetic not knowing. I happen to have come across some reasonably priced Japanese RG Veda art books, so my next post on art books will be of them.

Lets hope I get a volume 2 art book from this series!!