This version of KOS-MOS has been on my wishlist since I first started collecting figures 3 years ago. I had played with the idea on buying her on eBay many times. But every time I looked, she was at a price I couldn’t bring myself to pay. BUT THEN a miracle! Alter re-released their 2nd version of KOS-MOS! although Alter’s 2nd KOS-MOS release is called version 4? No idea why, maybe it’s her 4th look in the games? I made myself very content with that figure and pushed thoughts of the first version out of my mind. On a whim one day I looked for her on eBay and was THRILLED to see her for sale at a reasonable price. Well I admit the auction had her at more then what I paid, but when a seller has the “Make an Offer” option active, I can’t help but try and get a detter deal!

I used to stubbornly grumble and whine at the rising prices of figures today. For example, I grumbled that later MF releases of Haruhi figures cost me $80+ when the first Haruhi from this line cost me a mere $35 new from HLJ. Others have rightfully mentioned to me that it’s because the quality is getting better that prices are risisng, and I agreed that it’s true, but I was still grumpy. But I truly see the differences in quality over time when I was taking pictures of my newest figure, KOS-MOS. This was released in 2005 for a retail at approximately $50, and it’s a lovely figure. But if you put her next to some of Alter’s more recent releases, she can’t hold a candle to them in terms of quality and detail.

But recommend this KOS-MOS figure! I know, I just said her quality doesn’t compare to the Alter figures of today, but I don’t regret this purchase. She cost me $58 new, and I bought her understanding that there would be a difference in quality compared to the figures today that cost twice as much. If you understand that, and get her for a good price, I recommend you get her. I think the pose of this figure is striking, it’s simple, but it really grabs my eye. I love that she is twisting to look back at you, not many figures have an angle like this one. I also kind of like that the gun is in the hand that is on the other side of the figure. Seems like she is dangerously conceling her weapon! I’m a sucker for female figures wielding guns, so this figure appeals to at least one of my weaknesses/fetishes already.

I’m not always fond of hair that is a bit translucent, but on KOS-MOS it works. I wouldn’t have her hair any other way. I’m also a big fan of her single garter, and the coloring/shape of her outfit across her stomach. My only complaint is probably that they could have made the base a little more interesting, but it’s certainly not a deal breaker in this case. The best aspect of her is the flow created by her hair and her left arm stretching back.

I own the Xenosaga games but I haven’t played them yet, my Backloggery of video games is admittedly getting a bit out of hand. But regardless I’m fascinated by KOS-MOS, I really like her character designs throughout the games. She really is a well designed character, at least in terms of her looks. Since I haven’t played the games yet, I’d say I’m a casual fan of KOS-MOS (as a character) at the moment.

Of the two KOS-MOS figures I own, I prefer Version 2 in the end, but they both have their merits that I admire and I’m happy to have them both. Now if only I could own the 1/4th scale Volks KOS-MOS 😉 just kidding, that one is beyond my budget.