How it all started (Summary)
My gateway into this hobby was the dubbed Sailor Moon anime. I became absolutely addicted to the show in 5th grade, I thought the art was beautiful and I liked the concept of a “cartoon” with love, action, and a plot that progresses with each episode. I was crushed when the series was left incomplete in the middle of the Dark Moon arc. Took me a while to realize that what I was watching was Anime and that the show was complete in Japanese. I started opening up to shows besides Sailor Moon about junior high, Cardcaptors was what really pulled me all the way in. I was SO FRUSTRATED at all the obvious editing in “Cardcaptors” (Cardcaptor Sakura) that I bought the series uncut and subbed on VHS from ebay. Yes, yes, they were bootlegs, but I didn’t realize that at the time, I just saved up my allowance and asked my dad to buy it for me. After I realized I liked reading subs, everything opened up to me and I found out anime was so much more than just magical girls and Pokemon. I didn’t start playing video games seriously until I was introduced to the concept of an RPG in 6th grade via Final Fantasy VIII. I enjoy video games a lot, but it could be considered my secondary hobby. My first manga was volume 1 of Sailor Moon, and since then I’ve purchased at least 2500 volumes of manga. Even though anime was my portal into this hobby I’d say I’m a bit more into manga than anime these days.

After I graduated college, and had a salary, I started getting into figures of my favorite anime characters too (My Current Collection). I started Blogging in July 2008, I ended up liking it so much that I decided it was worth the small fee to buy my own domain. For the most part I ditched all my older posts with my first blog. I like doing reviews of series that leave a strong impression on me, my review blurbs are all very casual though. You could say the whole purpose of them is just to reach out to other enthusiastic fans and have conversations with those with similar interests :)

If you want to see the long version of everything I just said above, with pictures, then got to my Hobby Development Post :)